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Courage Fitness Training: Project Details

UI/UX Design

Courage Fitness Training is a new personal fitness company in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The target audience for this website is primarily women of child-bearing age, though since the trainer could work with a variety of individuals, she wanted to ensure it would have broad appeal to a diverse audience.

We used the workout clothes worn by Courage Fitness' proprietor in her marketing photos as inspiration for the design. In particular, we drew from the colors and textures. The magenta accent color is powerful and energetic. This general color is often referred to as “hot pink,” and might evoke thoughts about sweating, working out, hot yoga, etc. Its high contrast against the dark gray and black creates visual “pop.”

The active textured backgrounds are associated with patterns seen in modern fitness apparel. While the background patterns are dynamic, they are dark enough to recede as a proper background should do. On the Home page in particular, the angles within the subtly patterned backgrounds play well with the straight diagonal lines outlining the shapes placed above them. The diagonals create a sense of action and movement and play off the body positions from the fitness trainer's workout session photographs. The best example of this phenomenon is the section in which the diagonals draw attention to the pose being performed on the yoga mat. The dark backgrounds on the Home page work with the cutout images out to accentuate the body positioning. The geometric straight lines and hard angles, as well as darker color scheme and athletic typeface, help the design reach across genders.

The Home page leads visitors into the interior of the website, inviting them to learn more about the professional personal trainer behind the company, and learn more about her services. Each page contains a call to action that leads to the next logical page.

The typeface was selected for its strength, modernity, and athletic proportions. It also has the variety of weights needed for maximum impact with the marketing copy on the Home page while presenting a nice light-weight body text for easy reading on the interior pages.

Web Development

Development features included custom responsive styles for various screen sizes; form security; and page load speed optimization.

Content Marketing / Research / SEO

We worked with Courage Fitness Training to edit the marketing copy for the website to include keyword phrases that would capture a searcher's intent. In particular, we inserted phrases including “personal fitness training,” “personal trainer,” and “online fitness coaching.”

Project Management

We regularly communicated with Courage Fitness Training's owner to keep her apprised of the process, ask for information, and solicit feedback.

Maintenance Package

The client opted for a maintenance package that includes daily website backups; monthly security scans for malware, vulnerability, and Web Trust Detection; monthly safe website updates; Google Analytics; and a monthly report.

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