Monthly WordPress Website Update and Maintenance Plans

Our monthly maintenance plans put your website’s software updates and security scans in the hands of professionals who know what to do if something goes wrong during a routine plugin, theme, or WordPress version update. Regular software updates and site monitoring will help protect your website against hackers and malware, as well as keep you apprised of performance issues so they can be fixed. You'll get a report every month detailing what we did for your website.

Questions? Please see the Enrollment and Setup Process, the Plan Feature Definitions, and the FAQs below. You can also contact us.


$69 one-time setup

  • Daily Website Backups
  • Monthly WordPress Updates
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Monthly Report
  • Monthly Website Visit Analytics
  • Monthly Page Speed Scan
  • Monthly SEO Keyword Rank Check
  • Website Downtime Alerts
  • Broken Link Check

For websites up to 1gb in size and with fewer than 15 plugins and 3 themes

$34.00 / month with a 10-day free trial and a $69.00 sign-up feeSign up now


$79 one-time setup

  • Daily Website Backups
  • Monthly WordPress Updates
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Monthly Report
  • Monthly Website Visit Analytics
  • Monthly Page Speed Scan
  • Monthly SEO Keyword Rank Check
  • Website Downtime Alerts
  • Broken Link Check

For websites up to 4gb in size and with fewer than 35 plugins and 5 themes

$54.00 / month with a 10-day free trial and a $79.00 sign-up feeSign up now

Enrolling Your Website Is Easy!

Choose the Plan that Is Right for You. Enroll in the Basic or Business plan. We've created two plans and provided definitions and FAQs below to help familiarize you with the benefits of each subscription option.

Sign Up and Provide Us Account Access. Within three business days of your enrollment, we'll contact you about collecting administrative account access for your hosting account, WordPress website, and Google Analytics (if applicable).

And We'll Take it From There...

We'll Set Up Your Website and Perform Maintenance. Within one week of gathering login credentials, your website will be set up according to your plan's criteria. We'll take care of your website's backups, security scans, software updates, and more.

We'll Send You Monthly Reports. You'll receive your first report showing what we did for your website within a few days of the 15th of the month OR the last day of the month following Website Setup.

WordPress Update and Maintenance Plan Feature Definitions

All Plans

Daily Website Backups

Your WordPress database and all folders and files within the WordPress install will be backup up to the cloud. This will allow us to restore your website to a version from a previous date if necessary.

Monthly WordPress Updates

Each month, we will manually run your website's plugin, WordPress Version, and theme updates. Running the updates manually allows us to conduct a subsequent visual check of the website ensuring nothing is obviously broken from running the updates. If the issue is minor, we'll resolve it; if the issue is significant we'll restore the website to the most recent backup (within the last day) and advise you of cost and options for next steps.

Daily Security Scans

Sucuri Security scans detect many types of malware, website blacklisting, and plugin/software vulnerabilities. If we are notified of a plugin/software vulnerability, we'll run the update sooner than than scheduled to help keep the website safe. If your website has been hacked/contains malware, we'll notify you and advise you of cost and options for next steps to resolve the issue.

Monthly Website Visit Analytics

If you provided us with admin access to your Google Analytics account during the enrollment process, your monthly report will show month-over-month total website visits. If you would like help with custom analytics reporting beyond what's included in your plan's monthly report, please contact us.

Monthly Report

Your monthly report will contain details on backups, updates, security scans, analytics, and, if you subscribe to the business plan, your report will also detail your website's page speed grade, SEO keyword rank, website uptime/downtime, and broken links. Download a Sample Basic Plan Report (PDF) » or a Sample Business Plan Report (PDF) »

$34.00 / month with a 10-day free trial and a $69.00 sign-up feeSign up now

Business Plan Only

Business Plans contain everything in the Basic plan, plus:

Monthly Page Speed Scan

The page load speed checker will track changes in the grade of your website's Home page load speed. Page speed is an important factor in site visitor retention and your website's rank in Google's search results.

Monthly SEO Keyword Rank Check

During the enrollment process for business plans, we'll interview you about your industry to determine up to 20 keywords your website could rank for in Google's search results. The rank check will track traffic to the site for the specified keyword queries, along with how your top competitors for those keywords are ranking.

Website Downtime Alerts

If your website is down/offline for more than ten minutes, you'll receive an automated email alert so you can address the issue with your hosting company to get your website back online as quickly as possible. If we're in the office when we receive our copy of the automated alert, we'll look into the issue and notify your web host.

Broken Link Check

The broken link scanner will check your entire WordPress install for broken links and provide the relevant URLs, link text, and the page or post where the link originates. Server response codes are also available to indicate whether the link outage could be temporary or permanent. This information will allow you to quickly fix the broken links to reduce visitor frustration and to boost your website's rank with search engines. If you'd like us to handle fix the broken links, please contact us.

$54.00 / month with a 10-day free trial and a $79.00 sign-up feeSign up now

FAQs on WordPress Update and Maintenance Plans

Who Is This Product For?

  • Any person or organization that would like regular maintenance on their website to help detect performance issues and help recognize and prevent site hacking or malware.
  • Any person or organization with a WordPress website that doesn't already have daily website backups and/or the onsite expertise to restore a website from a backup if necessary.
  • Any person or organization that doesn't already have a system in place for manually running updates and conducting a website inspection.
  • Any person or organization looking for a quick overview of a number of website health metrics all in one accessible monthly report.

I Already Work With Another Developer. Can I Use Your Maintenance Plans?

Absolutely. You don't need to be an existing customer of 45th Parallel Design to benefit from our maintenance plans. This service is separate from text or design updates that your existing web designer or developer is providing you, and will give them peace of mind that the security end of the website is being handled by us.

What Should I Expect When I Enroll if My Website Currently Breaks When Updates Are Run?

If your website can't be updated because running updates breaks your website, intervention will be necessary to allow us to update your website. For example, your website might need a plugin replaced, or hacked files located and removed. We can consult on these issues at our hourly rate, currently $85/hr, and provide estimates for larger jobs. If you choose to have us fix or rebuid your website, we'll then be able to run updates. Otherwise, we'll refund your subscription fees and recommend you sign up when the issue is remedied.

How Do I Log Into My Account?

Log in at

Can I Pay Annually Rather Than Monthly?

Absolutely. Contact us for more information.

Can I Pay By Check?

Absolutely. Contact us for more information.

Can I Change My Plan from Basic to Business, or Vice Versa?

Absolutely. Contact us for more information.

What's the One-Time Setup Fee for?

The setup fee is applied toward the time we spend to collect access to your website, hosting and analytics accounts during the enrollment process, plus setting up your website with our various scanning tools and creating your website's report template.

Can I Cancel My Account or Get a Refund if I Decide I Don't Want the Service?

You may cancel the service at any time. Cancellation will become effective at the beginning of the next monthly billing cycle for your account.

I Don't Have Google Analytics and Don't Want You to Install it on My Website. Can I Still Use Your Plans?

It's not a problem to not have analytics on your website. Your monthly report will simply not contain an analytics section.

What's Your Service Guarantee?

The individual services for both plans are provided by 3rd party software. If our service is not fulfilled due to failure of our 3rd party software, we will credit your account $5 per service that your website did not receive (e.g., security scans, backups, etc.) up to the cost of your monthly service subscription plan. This does not apply to other situations for which we – or our 3rd party software – are not at fault, such as unavailability of the website's hosting service.

What Makes Your WordPress Maintenance Plans Unique?

Our plans are unique in a very particular way. At a very reasonable cost, an actual web developer is looking at the overall health of your website every month. In addition, your website is also being reviewed with expert eyes after updates are run. We notify enrollees of issues as they present themselves. You'll be made aware of website issues ranging from page speed to broken links to special updates for premium plugins and themes. Instead of waiting until something breaks, you'll benefit from expertise that can anticipate and prevent some issues before they happen. Most WordPress update plans, such as those offered by many web hosts, don't provide any hands-on support and often cost more for less than our plans provide.

How Do You Keep Login Credentials to My Accounts Secure?

Because of our industry, we are well aware of the security risks associated with account logins. We only store account login information for our clients' accounts in a professional password manager that automatically encrypts all data with zero-knowledge technology.

Can You Promise Subscribing to Your Plan Will Keep My Website Safe from Hackers?

No. There is no such thing as perfect security. Keeping your website updated will help prevent vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. Additionally, running security scans will alert us of vulnerabilities so that we can attempt to patch them before they are exploited.

Who Will Be Running My Updates?

Your updates will be run by one of the owners/ operators of 45th Parallel Design, with a combined 25+ years of website design, website development, and website hosting experience. 45th Parallel Design is further supported by an IT administrator with over 30 years of server experience.

What Happens if Something Goes Wrong When You Update My Website?

If something goes wrong with website updates, we would first attempt to restore your most recent website backup. If the restore fails for any reason, we'll attempt to restore the website manually from within your web hosting account. If we are unable to restore from your web hosting account, we'll contact you as we would likely need to communcate directly with your web host.

Will I Be Charged for the Time Betwen the Date I Signed Up and the Date My Website Is Really Set Up?

You won't be charged for the monthly plan for ten days after your enrollment date to allow time to connect with you to set up your website to receive updates, backups, etc. However, the setup fee will be charged immediately and is non-refundable, as our work begins upon enrollment.

When Will I Receive My First Report?

We have two reporting cycles; mid-month and end-of-month. You'll receive your first report and each monthly report thereafter within a few days of the 15th of the month, or within a few days of the last day of the month.

Are There Any Websites Your Plans Can't Support?

Occasionally. In the rare instance we can't support your plan, we'll let you know and refund your money. Alternatively, very large websites or websites with more than 35 plugins may need a custom plan. In addition, the standard plans pertain to WordPress websites only. If you would like similar services for a non-WordPress website please contact us for a custom solution.

If I Don't Need Some Part of My Plan, Such as the Monthly Report, Can I Pay Less for the Plan?

The plans are packages, meaning the services are inseparable. We are unable to reduce the cost of the plan for individual cases.

Will You Fix My Website's Broken Links and Make Text Edits and Other Types of Website Updates?

Besides the maintenance plan services, we also provide website text edits, web development, web design, graphic design, consultation, SEO, and more at $85/hour.

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