The Design Process: Case Study for a Logo and Website for a New Business

Design involves communication, goal-setting, more communication, revisions, more communication, and finally, delivery of the final product. Notice the emphasis on communication!

45th Parallel Design strives to understand our clients’ needs so we can deliver products that meet their goals and please their customer base. This example of a typical visual branding project provides a basic overview of what to expect from the process. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Click the circles below to read about each step of the design process.

1. Consultation

Establishing Goals, Budgets, Timelines

Client approaches 45th Parallel Design for a consultation. Client needs a logo and a website for a new business, and will likely pursue business cards and online advertising campaigns as well. Client and 45th Parallel discuss what can be accomplished with Client’s initial budget.

2. Proposal

Agreeing to Contract Terms, Initial Deposit

45th Parallel writes up a proposal for Client to consider based on ideas discussed during their consultation, presenting some “a la carte” options for Client to choose from. Client opts for a logo design, website design and development, and a website maintenance package that includes monthly updates. Client sends the signed agreement back with a down payment so 45th Parallel can get started on the project.

3. Design

Conducting Research, Creating Design “Comps”

45th Parallel consults with Client to learn more about Client’s industry, services, competitors, and its personality and industry position. Client and 45th Parallel discuss color options and strategies for differentiating Client’s company from its competitors while still fitting in with its industry. 45th Parallel conducts further research and creates mock-ups of two possible logo designs and sends them to Client for review.

4. Feedback

Reviewing/Revising Design, Creating Next Comps

Client selects one of the logos for finishing, and 45th Parallel incorporates Client’s feedback to create the final files, which are furnished to Client. Next, 45th Parallel creates comps for the website based on visual elements established by the new logo, along with any new elements like typeface(s) or motifs, and sends to Client. The review process is repeated, and 45th Parallel begins the website development process.

5. Launch

Selecting Web Host/Plan, Moving Website to Internet

After 45th Parallel completes the draft of the live website, Client reviews and asks for a few text changes. 45th Parallel obliges, and Client approves of the website and sends its final payment. Days later, the website is launched on the internet at the Client’s new domain. A couple of months later, Client follows up with a request for business cards and an email marketing campaign design. 45th Parallel executes new designs that are faithful to the existing business card/website branding that it has already established, in alignment with Client’s stated objectives.

The Design and Development Process: A Logo and Website for a New Business

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