Services Offered by 45th Parallel Design


  • Brand and identity design, including logos, business cards, websites, illustrations, and other peripherals
  • Print design, including brochures, letterhead, Powerpoint templates, reports, and magazines
  • Display design, including conference/trade show banners, posters, and billboards
  • Website/app design, including information architecture planning, user interface design/layout comps, and user experience design
  • Email marketing design, including custom template design using Mailchimp or Pardot


  • Web development, including HMTL/CSS/JS/PHP coding and search engine optimization
  • Web animations, including .svg and css animations
  • Video editing, including Kickstarter videos and instructional videos


  • Photography using DSLR camera and array of lenses
  • Editing of RAW-format photos for color, skew, vibrance, contrast, and more

Search Engine Optimization/SEO

  • Page speed optimization, including file size compression and image optimization
  • Microdata/rich snippets, including JSON-LD markup for better appearance in search results
  • Metadata including copyright, author, title and description written to meet Google's most recent specifications


  • Website hosting, including domain registration and web host/hosting plan selection
  • Website maintenance, including website text updates, regular WordPress updates, and website revisions