Services Offered by 45th Parallel Design

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Visual Identity, Branding, and Print Design

  • Brand and visual identity design, including logos, business cards, websites, illustrations, and other peripherals that share the same visual language help your audience understand and recognize what you offer
  • Print design, including brochures, letterhead, Powerpoint templates, reports, and magazines will keep your message consistent and professional
  • Display and advertising design, including conference/trade show banners, posters, online ads, and billboards will allow you to reach your target audience where they are through multiple marketing channels
  • Custom email marketing templates created for use with Sendinblue, Mailchimp, Pardot, or other email marketing services can help you more effectively communicate with and market to your audience
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Website, App, and Digital Design

  • Custom website/app design that enhances and punctuates your brand identity will help you more effectively project your message
  • Information architecture planning/wireframes will organize your site's content for easy discovery by your visitors
  • High-fidelity user interface (UI) design/layout comps will allow you to see how your website will look before coding begins
  • User experience (UX) design built in to the visual design and interactions will make browsing your website easy and pleasant to encourage conversions
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Web Development and Website Repair

  • Web development, including HMTL/CSS/JS/PHP coding will be customized to suit your website's optimal functionality
  • Website hosting, including domain registration and web host/hosting plan selection will meet your specific data and storage needs
  • Regular website text updates and website revisions will allow you to confidently focus your energy on your organization's needs
  • Website remodeling, including fixing or re-building outdated or broken websites can save you time and money and reach a broader audience
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Photography and Image Editing

  • Photography in RAW format will provide for an array of editing capabilities
  • Composition of attractive shots that portray salient aspects of your organization will capture its personality
  • Editing of RAW-format photos for color, skew, crop, vibrance, contrast, and more will help convey your brand in a professional light
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Website Maintenance Packages, Security, and Reports

  • Regular security scans for malware, vulnerability and WebTrust Detection will minimize hacking risks and enable swift action on security-related issues
  • Regular website backups can prevent loss of work and resources
  • Regular WordPress updates (for WordPress sites only) can increase security and site efficiency
  • SEO keyword analysis search ranking check will let you see where changes need to be made in your online strategy
  • Notification of server downtime will allow swift contact with your web host
  • Monthly client reports will allow you to track the uptime, updates, and performance of your website
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Search Engine Optimization/SEO

  • Page speed optimization, including file size compression and image optimization will improve your site's performance for visitors of varying internet speeds
  • Microdata/rich snippets, including JSON-LD markup can create better appearance in search results
  • Metadata including copyright, author, title and description written to meet Google's most recent specifications gives your site an edge in search results
  • Keyword phrase selection and emphasis can help you be found in search results by visitors seeking your services
  • Google Analytics/Search Console setup and reporting will allow you to track the success of your marketing strategies

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