Animations by 45th Parallel Design

The Oregon Beaver and Meadowlark.

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lake and sky waves beaver paddle meadowlark wing middle ties

Holiday Cards.

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Animated holiday card by 45th Parallel Design - beavers building a snowbeaver
Animated holiday card by 45th Parallel Design - Hot cocoa toast in the beaver lodge
Animated New Year's card by 45th Parallel Design - smiling llama with scarf

Login Screen for Red2Peeps Private Chatboard.

Click the image to visit the website. Click on the website to hear calls of the Western Meadowlark, Canyon Wren, Northern Cardinal, and Wood Thrush when hovering over the peeps.

Animated login screen by 45th Parallel Design - Warhol's Peeps

Halcyon Hosting FAQ.

Halcyon Hosting's halcyon flies in to answer your hosting questions. If you missed the halcyon's flight when the page loaded, scroll down and refresh.

Question: Your website says you are located in Oregon; but are you really located in Oregon?

Question: What about running updates to my website? Do you have any way for that to be an easier process?

Question: What systems, if any, do you have in place for an emergency situation such as a hacked or deleted website?

Question: What is Litespeed? Will it really make my website faster?

Question: What steps do I need to take in order to migrate to Halcyon Hosting?

Question: What is a Halcyon anyway?